Survation, 1st-4th March 2019

March 13, 2019 Allan 0

This Survation poll actually (mostly) predates the Panelbase, but seems to have been sat on for a week before details were published. Hence this appearing the day after the post about the later poll did. Confusing, right?

2018 in Review: Parliamentary Polling

December 20, 2018 Allan 0

Since it wouldn’t be representative either to take the last poll of the year or to just average out the whole thing, I’ll be comparing the last quarter of this year with the same period last year.

Panelbase, 2nd-7th Nov 2018

November 20, 2018 Allan 0

After two years of silence on the Scottish polling front from Panelbase, since June they’ve been quite regular, with another poll conducted earlier this month […]

The Overhang Oddity

November 1, 2018 Allan 0

In my polling and projection posts, I’m finding myself quite regularly referring to a concept called “overhang“. This is a quirk of mixed electoral systems […]